A perfect smile without braces with Empress Veneers


Do you dream of having a perfect smile without having to wear braces? If so, we may have just the solution you’ve been searching for! Empress veneers are composite veneers, which can give you a stunning smile with minimal hassle.

What are Empress veneers?

Empress veneers are veneers that are made from dental composite rather than porcelain. They are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to porcelain veneers for those who are looking for a rapid, affordable solution. Empress veneers can be used to cover staining and discolouration, gaps between the teeth and unevenly shaped teeth to create a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off.

What does treatment involve?

One of the best things about Empress veneers is the simplicity of treatment. These veneers can be applied to the teeth in a single visit, so you can enjoy your new smile without delay. Minimal preparation is required, which preserves the tooth structure and shortens treatment time.

The benefits of Empress veneers

Empress veneers are an ideal solution for patients who are looking for a quick and affordable means of improving the aesthetic of their smile. In just one session, we can use these veneers to craft a stunning new smile. You won’t experience any pain, you won’t have to wait to enjoy the results and your teeth will remain intact. Empress veneers are available in a wide range of natural looking, tooth-coloured shades and they have a beautiful luminescent finish, which will give your smile a healthy glow.

If you’re keen to learn more about incredible Empress veneers, why not give us a call and book a consultation today?


Why Endodontics is Not Something to Fear


How do you feel when you hear people talking about root canal treatment? If you feel anxious or uneasy, you’re not alone! These words are often enough to provoke fear in even the hardiest dental patients, but there’s really no need to worry. At The Frederick Dental Clinic, we know many of our patients dread the day they have to endure root canal treatment, but this is a procedure nobody should fear. It’s a lot less daunting than it sounds and the entire procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain.

What exactly is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic treatment. Endodontics is the dental speciality that deals with the tooth pulp. This is the living tissue of the tooth and it contains the nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp is damaged or infected, the tooth effectively starts to die. At this stage, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment as an alternative to extracting the tooth. If root canal therapy is not carried out, blood supply to the tooth will be reduced and the tooth will eventually rot and fall out.

Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and the tooth will be completely numbed before your dentist begins the procedure. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure and we’ll be there to help you relax and stay calm. When the tooth is numb, your dentist will gently drill into the tooth to access the root canals. They will remove the damaged pulp tissue and clean the root canals thoroughly to remove harmful bacteria. The root canals are then filled using a dental material called gutta percha, and then sealed to prevent infection from spreading.

What happens after root canal treatment?

Once the procedure is complete, we may recommend placing a new crown to make the tooth stronger. A temporary crown will be fitted and the permanent crown will be placed around 2 weeks later. You’ll find that the effects of the anaesthetic start to wear off soon after the procedure. If you do get any pain or your mouth feels sore, we recommend taking over the counter pain relief. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


4 Reasons Why Adult Orthodontics is Worth the Investment

More and more adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment and it’s not hard to see why. Orthodontic treatment is often recommended for aesthetic benefits but wearing braces is not just about getting a gorgeous smile. Here are 4 reasons why adult orthodontics are worth the investment:

  1. Confidence: many of us feel more confident when we look good. If you’re conscious about the appearance of your teeth, this can make a massive difference to your confidence, especially in scenarios where your smile is on show. Wearing braces can give you a more attractive smile, which makes you feel more confident and comfortable. Hopefully, when you’ve got your new smile, you’ll be eager to show it off, rather than hiding it away.
  2. Better oral health: orthodontic issues don’t just affect the look of the smile. They can also make it difficult to clean the teeth properly and this can affect oral health. When the teeth are straight, it’s easier to keep them clean and this reduces the risk of conditions like gum disease and dental decay.
  3. Improved speech: if your teeth are crooked or crowded, you may find that your speech isn’t as clear as it could be, especially when it comes to forming certain letters or sounds. Braces can help to make your speech clearer, which should give you more confidence in scenarios like dates and work presentations.
  4. Improved job prospects: research suggests that people with attractive smiles are more likely to be offered a job than those with bad teeth. You never know, wearing braces could help you land that dream job!

If you’re thinking about getting braces, don’t let age put you off. Adult treatment can be incredibly effective. Call us now to find out more about our fantastic treatment options.


5 Treat Swaps for a Tooth Friendly Halloween


Halloween is fast-approaching and for many of this, this means tucking into some indulgent treats. There’s nothing wrong with the odd sweet from time to time, but Halloween is a time when many of us go a bit mad when it comes to sugar. Here are some treat swaps you could consider if you’re keen to be a little more tooth-friendly this year:

Chocolate bars for dipped strawberries: chocolate is one of the most popular foods out there, but eating too much can be really bad for your teeth. To reduce consumption, add vitamins and make sure that you still get your chocolate fix, melt a couple of squares of chocolate and dip strawberries into it. You can either eat it like this or put the strawberries in the fridge to set the chocolate.

Ice cream for natural yoghurt: ice cream is a wonderful treat, especially in the summer, but it contains sugar and it also has high fat content. This year, opt for natural yoghurt with a dash of honey or copped banana, blueberries or raspberries for a yummy dessert that is also good for your teeth.

Shop-bought smoothies for homemade creations: smoothies are often considered a really healthy food, but if you buy them ready-made, they often contain a lot of added sugar. This Halloween, why not get creative in the kitchen and whip up some ghoulish green homemade smoothies at home using apples, kiwis, limes, mint and spinach or kale?

Jelly for sugar-free jelly: this is a really simple swap that will help to save your teeth. Rather than adorning a bowl of sugary jelly with plastic spiders or witches’ fingers, opt for sugar-free versions, which are available in all kinds of colours or flavours. You can add the same decorations and create the same aesthetic while also protecting your oral health.

Crispy cakes for rice balls: if you have grand plans to mould crispy cake mix into balls to create pumpkins, ghosts or black cats, why not cut out the sugar and create savoury versions instead using rice? This is a great snack option for kids or a fun canape idea for an adult’s party.


Why dentistry is not something to fear this October


It’s that time of year again when we all embrace the weird and wonderful world of ghost stories, fancy dress and ghoulish goings on. With Halloween just around the corner, you may be thinking about what gives you the creeps. If you’re scared of going to the dentist, we’re here to persuade you that there’s nothing to fear this October.

Why are so many people afraid of the dentist?

Dental fear is one of the most common phobias. There are lots of reasons why people may be anxious about paying the dentist a visit. Some people are worried about experiencing pain, while others have a fear of needles, the drill or even the unknown. Many people who are anxious about having dental treatment have had bad experiences in the past and some are embarrassed about the state of their teeth as a result of not going to the dentist for a long time.

At The Frederick Dental Clinic, we are here to allay your fears and hopefully, convince you that sitting in the dental chair doesn’t have to be a terrifying proposition. We have a very friendly and caring dental team and we use the latest technology to minimise pain and get amazing results quickly.

What to do if you’re a nervous patient

The problem with many nervous patients is that they put off going to the dentist and the longer they leave it, the more anxious they become about making an appointment. If you are worried, we promise that we can help. Our dentists have experience in caring for nervous patients and we will do everything in our power to help you feel relaxed and calm. We are happy to have a chat with you beforehand, show you around and let you meet the team and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have. We can also discuss options like having treatment under sedation.


Why a Scale and Polish can make your teeth shine


Is there anything that makes you feel more confident than a bright, shiny smile? If your teeth are in need of a little TLC, why not call us and book a session with our fabulous dental hygienists? With treatments like a scale and polish, we can give you a gorgeous glossy smile.

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a dental hygiene treatment, which aims to remove plaque from the teeth and polish the surfaces of the teeth. The result is a healthy, bright smile. You may be advised to have a scale and polish if you have signs of decay or gum disease or you suffer from bad breath, but you can also benefit from hygiene sessions if you have a clean bill of oral health.

When you have a scale and polish, your dentist or dental hygienist will use specially designed instruments to clean the teeth, removing any plaque deposits from the surfaces of the tooth or the tiny cracks between the teeth. It’s virtually impossible to keep every part of the mouth clean, so you may find that you have traces of plaque even if you’re really careful with brushing and your teeth are healthy. Your dentist may also use gentle water jets to aid the cleaning process.

Once your dentist has cleaned your teeth thoroughly, they will polish them using a powerful brush. A dentist or hygienist can achieve a much more intensive and thorough clean that you can at home with a traditional toothbrush, so this is a really great treatment that benefits both your oral health and the look of your smile.

If you’d like to book a scale and polish or you’re keen to find out more about what’s involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A shiny, sparkling smile is just one appointment away!


An Invisible Brace That Straightens Through the Night


Many people who are keen to have orthodontic treatment are eager to find a brace that offers maximum discretion. If you want straight teeth, but you’d rather achieve that goal in secret, we may have just the solution for you! With Invisalign, you can enjoy all the benefits of an invisible brace that straightens your teeth while you sleep.

About Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the leading clear brace systems in the world. Millions of people have already benefited from these innovative invisible braces and you could be next! Invisalign is different to conventional orthodontics because it uses a series of braces, rather than one single appliance. When you start treatment, the movement of the teeth is plotted using sophisticated software and you will be given a set of bespoke aligners, which will encourage your teeth to move in the coming weeks and months. Each aligner is different and you wear your braces for two weeks before swapping for the next aligner in the sequence.

Invisalign benefits

Invisalign is really popular because it offers a convenient, flexible and discreet alternative to traditional fixed braces. The aligners are made entirely from clear plastic so you can hardly see them when they’re in place and you can remove them when you want to eat or brush your teeth, which makes life much easier. These braces use gentle forces and they don’t contain any metal, making them a comfortable option.

Invisalign is suitable for a range of patients and it is often recommended for those with either minor or moderate issues.

If you’d like to find out if Invisalign could be a viable option for you, why not give us a call and we can arrange a consultation? Our dentists can have a look at your teeth and they’ll also be able to answer any questions you have and give you more information about the process and the benefits Invisalign could offer you.


How the Frederick Dental Clinic can Save your Smile With Endodontics


At The Frederick Dental Clinic, we do everything we can to save your smile. Our dentists have expertise in endodontics and if you have a troublesome tooth, we’ll do everything possible to get you smiling again.

About root canal treatment

Endodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with the tooth roots. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, there is a chance that the pulp tissue, which contains the living material, can be affected. Once the pulp is damaged, this restricts blood flow to the tooth, and the tooth will effectively start to die. One option would be to extract the tooth, but if it’s possible to save the tooth, we may recommend root canal therapy. The pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves and this is why it’s so important to tackle dental issues early.

Root canal treatment is a procedure many people fear, but it’s actually relatively straightforward and our dentists have many years of experience in this area. The aim of root canal therapy is to remove the damaged or decayed pulp tissue and prevent infection from spreading.

Many people are anxious about having root canal treatment because they assume that it’s a very painful procedure. The truth is that treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything. Your dentist will numb the tooth before treatment begins and they will check that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

The procedure

Once your tooth is numb, your dentist will drill into the tooth to access the root canals. They will clear the root canals to remove damaged pulp tissue and then fill them using a material called gutta percha. The root canals will then be sealed to prevent bacteria from reaching other parts of the tooth. We often recommend crowning the tooth following root canal treatment to make it stronger.

If you’re worried about a dental infection or you’re anxious about the prospect of needing root canal treatment, call us today to book an appointment. Our expert team will do everything possible to save your smile with minimal stress and no pain at all!


Broken Tooth? How Frederick Dental Clinic can Help


Do you have a broken tooth? Is your tooth painful or are you self-conscious about showing off a big chip when you smile? If you’ve been involved in an accident or you’ve injured your tooth, the expert Frederick Dental Clinic team can help.

Causes of a broken tooth

Your teeth are incredibly strong and robust, but they’re not immune to damage. There are lots of possible causes of broken teeth, from sports injuries and eating very hard foods to traumatic accidents, like car crashes. You may also find that your teeth are more vulnerable to damage if you have cavities or your tooth has been injured in the past.

Dealing with a broken tooth

Sometimes, it’s very obvious that a tooth is broken, but in other cases, it’s difficult to tell if the tooth is fractured, cracked or chipped. If you think you may have broken your tooth, you’ve had dental pain of late or your tooth is visibly chipped, we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. When you see your dentist, they will have a close look at the tooth and they may carry out some tests, such as X-rays, to try and determine the extent of damage and ascertain the best ways to try and resolve the issue.

If the tooth is broken, it’s best to try and treat it as soon as possible, as it will be vulnerable to further damage. We may be able to repair minor damage with a filling or by means of dental bonding, but the most common course of action is to fit a new crown. In severe cases, where the tooth isn’t salvageable, it may be best to extract it and then consider replacement options like implants and bridges. A dental crown is placed over the top of the remaining tooth structure. We usually use ceramic materials to make custom-fit crowns, as they produce the most attractive, natural-looking aesthetics.

If you have a broken tooth, call us now and book an appointment.


Personalise and Perfect Your Teeth with Dental Bonding


Are you looking for a simple, swift and painless means of getting the perfect smile? If you’re drawn to chips every time you look in the mirror or you can’t bring yourself to smile for photographs because you’ve got misshapen teeth, we have an ideal solution for you! Allow us to introduce you to dental bonding, a rapid, affordable cosmetic treatment, which can transform your smile in just one hour.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is also known as cosmetic or composite bonding. This is a cosmetic procedure, which involves using a material known as dental composite to carry out minor repairs and aesthetic changes to the teeth. The alterations that are made are minor, but the overall look of the smile can be modified significantly. If you have chipped, worn, misshapen or uneven teeth or you have gaps between the teeth, this could be an ideal option for you.

The procedure is relatively straightforward and the good news is that there’s no pain involved at all. Your dentist will first select the shade of composite that is closest to your natural tooth colour. They will then use their skill to shape and mould the composite to fill gaps and alter the shape of individual teeth to create a more attractive, healthy looking aesthetic. Once the composite is in place, it will be set firm using a curing light and then any final alterations will be made.

With dental bonding, you can see the results of treatment straight away and we don’t need to use any anaesthetic or needles, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with unpleasant numbness or taking any time off work to recover.

If you’re keen to find out more about dental bonding or you’ve been looking for a simple solution for aesthetic imperfections, call us today and book a consultation.


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