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Children’s Orthodontics

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Every child’s needs are different. In some cases it is better to have treatment carried out while all primary teeth are still in place; the name of this procedure is Early Treatment / Phase I. In other children the best results are attained after the adult teeth have come through and the roots are all healthy and well formed.

Treatments need to be completed quickly and effectively as this can affect the function, stability and aesthetics of the mouth, as well as preventing problems in later life. A consultation needs to take place in order to assess the type of treatment that is suitable.

The Benefits

  • Better positioning for permanent teeth that supports jaw growth.
  • Smaller risk of permanent tooth extraction due to tooth overcrowding.
  • Less chance of injury or trauma to crooked teeth.
  • Deals with crowding and space issues.
  • Stops bad habits from continuing.
  • Improved appearance and confidence level.

Teenage Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is common during the ages of 11-15. At 12 years old most milk teeth have fallen out and a large amount of permanent teeth are in place, which means the dentist is able to fully assess the situation. If orthodontic treatment is not undertaken there is little chance of the issues correcting themselves.

Children in this age category are growing rapidly and this can usually be taken advantage of through orthodontic treatment, to shorten brace treatment time and lessen any discomfort.

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