Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes both dental and cosmetic treatments, with the overall aim being to improve dental function, health and smile aesthetics. A holistic approach to aesthetics and overall health is at the heart of cosmetic dentistry.

People with dental conditions can sometimes feel insecure, and this can affect their interactions with others and life opportunities. Cosmetic dentists provide individuals with general and cosmetic dentistry treatment options that build self-image and esteem, leading to positive relationships with others and an improved quality of life.

The difference between cosmetic dentistry and traditional dentistry is treatment focus. Traditional dentistry places emphasis on improving oral hygiene, by the prevention and treatment of tooth decay and oral diseases, such as Periodontal Disease, Oral Cancer and Caries. These general dentistry treatments are required to maintain good oral health and prevent overall illness.

Cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving the aesthetics of patients’ smiles. People choose cosmetic dentistry for smile enhancement and restorative advantages, not necessarily to prevent tooth decay and oral disease. However, cosmetic dentistry treatments can simultaneously provide oral health benefits, such as composite white dental fillings which can be used to replace mercury fillings or silver fillings that weaken tooth structure.

We strive to give patients the best quality in cosmetic dentistry care through affordable payment options.

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