Dental Bridges

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What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are an artificial tooth replacement option for missing teeth of one or more. They are fixed to the existing tooth structure on either side or one side of the tooth gap. Dental crowns can be placed on each side of the tooth gap to anchor the dental bridge in place. Bridge teeth restorations may be made of porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal.

What is involved in dental bridge treatment?

Treatment with dental bridges involves the making of the dental bridge, its proper fitting and maintenance. Our dental team will:

  • Take an impression of your mouth with a soft substance that moulds to your oral dimensions.
  • Provide this dental impression to our dental technician for the creation of an lower and upper teeth and gum plaster model.
  • Prepare existing teeth to properly anchor and fit the bridge tooth replacement.
  • Create a second oral impression to custom-make the dental bridge.
  • Fit a temporary bridge or crown to allow continued healthy oral function.
  • Set an appointment with you for final bridge adjustment and fitting.
  • Adjust the final bridge as needed and permanently fix the final bridge in place.
  • Advise you on bridge maintenance and care.

How do dental bridges work?

Dental bridges are artificial teeth restorations that fill tooth gaps to replace missing teeth. When securely cemented to existing tooth structure or fixed to dental implants, bridges are a safe and effective tooth replacement.

This form of restorative treatment restores healthy structure and function. Dental bridges act to prevent bone loss or shrinkage and oral trauma resulting from missing teeth. They also preserve facial expression for a beautiful smile.

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