Tooth Whitening


Teeth can stain and become discoloured as a result of age, drinking tea and coffee, smoking and other negative behavioural traits. Tooth whitening restores teeth to their natural white shade by removing yellow unsightly stains from tooth grooves, similar to how a facial removes debris from blocked pores.

White teeth give a good, clean feel and youthful appearance that lasts. There are different ways to whiten teeth, which may involve replacing fillings or crowns to match the whiter tooth shade or using tooth whitening treatment.

Tooth Whitening Trays

The dentist places tooth whitening gel in a whitening tray custom-made to fit the contours of an individual’s teeth. The whitening tray is fitted onto the teeth as you would a mouth guard, and the active gel ingredient (carbamide peroxide) will then break down and allow oxygen to enter the tooth enamel, bleaching the yellow surface stains.

Those interested in tooth whitening, either in-clinic or at home, can learn about the process from our friendly team.

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