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The aim of orthodontic treatment is to guide teeth into the desired alignment. We are able to straighten misaligned, uneven, prominent and crooked teeth, for patients with both mild and complex orthodontic problems.

At The Frederick Dental Clinic we provide patients with choices in orthodontic treatments, such as aligners and retainers. These orthodontic choices include ‘invisible’ brace options for discreet teeth straightening treatment. ‘Invisible’ braces allow individuals to have their teeth aligned without it being obvious to others.

Advantages of orthodontic treatment:

  • They are available for both teens and adults.
  • They deliver straight, symmetrical teeth for life.
  • The neat stunning smile you have always desired.
  • Healthy teeth structure and gum tissue.
  • The ease of maintaining oral hygiene.
  • The preservation of existing tooth structure.
  • A proper bite and healthy jawbone.
  • Good oral and overall health.
  • Increased confidence and quality of life.

Types of ‘invisible’ orthodontic treatments:


Why should I choose Invisalign?

  • Invisalign treatment is a near-invisible treatment, which allows you to have orthodontic work without others knowing.
  • Designed for utmost comfort and ease of removal for eating, drinking and maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Individuals can enjoy life activities as normal during treatment.
  • No wires or metal brackets mean fewer dental visits and no mouth irritation.
  • Patients can view their Invisalign virtual treatment plan for before and after results prior to the actual treatment.
  • See our Invisalign section for further information about the treatment.

Here at our clinic we are know for providing high quality adult orthodontics in Dublin using a variety of different systems.

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