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We provide patients who have orthodontic treatment needs with ‘invisible’ and discreet care solutions at The Frederick Dental Clinic in Dublin.

Invisalign orthodontics allows patients to receive teeth straightening treatment with custom-made ‘invisible’ aligners, which are unseen by others, preserve self-image and create confidence.

A series of aligners are provided and replaced every two weeks during the treatment correction period, in order to gradually align teeth into their final position.

People of all ages throughout the world choose Invisalign orthodontics for its advantages, which include:

  • Invisalign is an ‘invisible’ aligner solution offering the utmost discretion in teeth straightening treatment.
  • The aligners are easily removed for the normal daily activities of eating, drinking and oral hygiene maintenance.
  • The Invisalign system offers convenience and comfort without mouth irritation, because no metal wires or brackets are present. Fewer dental appointments are necessary.
  • Patients are involved in a before and after virtual treatment plan, so that they know what to expect before their Invisalign treatment begins.

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