I was delighted with my experience in Frederick Dental Clinic. All the staff were really helpful throughout my experience and I am delighted with my finished results.

Megan Maher
August 10, 2017

I am so amazed with my results. I can’t stop smiling, thanks to everyone in Frederick Dental Clinic.

Niamh Fagan
August 1, 2017

I think the treatment went very well. Dr Dwyer made sure that he tried his very best to make sure that my teeth were doing well and did his very best to satisfy the results of my teeth. I am very happy with how my teeth look now and i am very happy with how treatment went. I love my new teeth.

Victoria Kozlov
July 31, 2017

My treatment was fantastic, done by a professional and very calm dentist. I would recommend to others.

Adina Seitan
July 27, 2017

I found that getting my braces fixed here was the best option. Everyone was so friendly and this made my visits enjoyable. The results were outstanding. Before getting the braces I was embarrassed to smile but now I can’t stop smiling. My teeth are now perfect and everyone is complimenting on how straight they are. The time with the braces on flew by as well. I am really happy I came to this clinic to get them done.

Siobhan Iasilcouschi
July 26, 2017

I am really happy with the results of my orthodontic treatment. I would recommend Frederick Dental Clinic to anyone thinking of getting braces.

Amy Hanney
July 10, 2017

I’m very happy with my treatment. It was done very fast, it wasn’t painful at all and the dentist was very nice.

Jade Kenny
July 5, 2017

I found the process of braces very easy as the dentist was so helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend braces to anyone as it’s worth all the pain!

Conor Hanlon
July 4, 2017

I am delighted with the results of my orthodontic treatment. Peter and all his staff are so professional and friendly, they were a pleasure to deal with. Peter created a personalised treatment plan for me so it would be ready for my upcoming wedding. I can’t believe the difference to my teeth within the 12 months. I would highly recommend to others.

Ann-Marie Morrissey
June 21, 2017

I am very happy with how my teeth turned out and was so happy to have my braces removed today. The job that Peter done on my teeth was amazing as they were very bad to begin with.

Georgia Murphy
June 20, 2017
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