Anti Snoring Treatments

Anti-Snoring Treatment


It is never the snorer who suffers – always the partner! Perhaps you are one of those who lays awake at night waiting for the morning light

Frederick Dental Clinic may be able to help you (and them). Studies have shown that approximately 40% of the population of the industrialised countries snore and that this increases to 60% in men above the age of 60.

Many of the noises produced by snoring are caused by vibration of the soft tissues. When you are asleep, the neck and throat naturally relax and the normal firmness of the tissues decreases. This can lead to obstruction of the airways – especially when the patient lies on their back.

The air we need must come in at a higher speed to make up for this – hence the vibration of the soft tissues.

Silensor – What’s That?

The Silensor uses a pair of clear plastic moulding, shaped to fit your teeth, which you slip into your mouth at bedtime. The top and bottom sections are connected at the sides by short plastic links, which have the effect of pulling your lower jaw slightly forward. This in turn holds the airways open, reducing the constriction that causes the snoring.

How comfortable is it?

At first, you may experience some stiffness in your jaw when you wake up, but this wears off very quickly.

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Dental phobia may range from mild to severe anxiety levels, which can ultimately cause individuals to avoid the dental care they need for good health and quality of life.

To meet patient needs we provide dentistry oral sedation for relaxed, comfortable and pain-free treatment, so that patients can receive the dental care they need.

Oral Sedation is administered via the mouth using sedative medication in oral tablet form for a calming effect.

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Other Treatments

Effects of Snoring on the Oral Cavity

The direct effect of snoring on the oral cavity is the cause of xerostomia (dry mouth). Xerostomia is a lack of salivary flow and saliva is needed to coat and moisten the oral tissues. Lack of salivary flow due to snoring may lead to various oral health problems, according to the American Dental Association. Such problems include halitosis (bad breath), burning mouth syndrome, infections and sores, tooth decay and gum disease.

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