MODERN CLEAR:  Teeth straightening with Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners are most probably the easiest way to correct teeth. No matter if they are crowded, with gaps in between or if you have an open bite: There are plenty of cases that are suitable for a Clear Aligner Treatment with the MODERN CLEAR System.


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Why should I choose Modern Clear?

The advantages of an aligner treatment compared to a traditional treatment with braces are obvious:

Aligners are almost not visible and allow discreet treatment. Work colleagues, customers, classmates – nobody will notice anything. Unless you tell them.

Aligners are removable and are easily taken out before eating and brushing. You are not restricted in any way in your choice of food or in your daily dental care.

Aligners often allow a significantly shorter treatment time compared to braces. The precise, 3D-supported planning and manufacturing enables goals to be achieved more quickly.

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