Orthodontics Dublin

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If you have malaligned, uneven, prominent or crooked teeth you should consider orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics provide patients with different choices in their treatments such as fixed appliances or aligners, the ‘invisible’ brace option for discreet teeth straightening. 

After our treatment you will have that pearly white, straight smile you have always wanted.


Our orthodontic treatment are available for both teens and adults.

We provide a free consultation.

Our team are highly trained and extremely experienced in this field, having treated hundreds of Orthodontic patients.

Children’s – Metal Braces


Payment Plan Available

€650 Deposit

€191.66per month (12 month plan)
€143.75 per month (16 month plan)

Adult (Metal) Orthodontics


Payment Plan Available

€650 Deposit

€220.83 per month (12 month plan)
€165.62 per month (16 month plan)

Adult (Clear) Orthodontics


Payment Plan Available

€650 Deposit

€266 per month (12 month plan)
€200 per month (16 month plan)

Modern Clear Aligners

Single Arch €2700

Double Arch €4150

Payment Plan Available

€650 Deposit

Single Arch – €341.66 per month  (€2,050 over 6 months)
Double Arch – €583.33 per month (€3,500 over 6 months)


Our patients get excellent results from their treatment at Frederick Dental. Take a look at our before and after pictures.

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Invisalign is a near-invisible clear aligner, which allows you to have orthodontic work without others knowing. So you can enjoy life activities as normal during treatment.


Why should I choose Invisalign?

  • Designed for utmost comfort and ease of removal for eating, drinking and maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • No wires or metal brackets mean fewer dental visits and no mouth irritation.
  • Patients can view their Invisalign virtual treatment plan for before and after results prior to the actual treatment.
  • See our Invisalign section for further information about the treatment.

At Frederick Dental we provide high quality adult orthodontics  using a variety of different systems. Watch the video to learn more.


“The staff are very friendly and made me feel welcome. They made sure they gave me the best result that they could. They worked very hard to get me my smile and I am very happy with my result.”

Izel Erdem October 3, 2017

“Dr Dwyer is the perfect orthodontist, I wouldn’t have even considered anyone else for the treatment. I am always included in every step and decision making done. Thank you so much for finally giving me the smile and confidence. I am very grateful.”

Alinashma Othman

“For the first few months I saw no real results and i was unsure if the treatment was really going to work, but soon enough I started to notice the gap between my two front teeth were gradually closing, much to my delight. There were many times where i experienced a bit of pain due to the braces cutting my inner lip but it was all worth it to close the gap”

Golden Chigozie

“I was delighted with my experience in Frederick Dental Clinic. All the staff were really helpful throughout my experience and I am delighted with my finished results.”

Megan Maher August 10, 2017

“I am so amazed with my results. I can’t stop smiling, thanks to everyone in Frederick Dental Clinic.”

Niamh FaganAugust 1, 2017

“I think the treatment went very well. Dr Dwyer made sure that he tried his very best to make sure that my teeth were doing well and did his very best to satisfy the results of my teeth. I am very happy with how my teeth look now and i am very happy with how treatment went. I love my new teeth.”

Victoria Kozlov July 31, 2017

“My treatment was fantastic, done by a professional and very calm dentist. I would recommend to others.”

Adina Seitan July 27, 2017

“I’m very happy with my treatment. It was done very fast, it wasn’t painful at all and the dentist was very nice.”

Amy Hanney July 10, 2017

“Extremely happy with everything that Peter and the team did. It was a very positive experience with a very positive outcome. Will definitely be back to Frederick Dental Clinic with another family member. I couldn't recommend them enough.”

Ambyr McDonnellDecember 11th, 2018

“My treatment with Frederick Dental Clinic was honestly the best treatment ever. I would highly recommend Peter and his team to everyone (which I have). The service was so kind, fast and amazing. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.”

Emma BuckleyDecember 11th, 2018