Welcome to Our Practice

Located in Dublin City Centre, Frederick Dental Clinic is committed to providing patients with gentle dental care in a conveniently located and comfortable environment. Each patient receives a personalised treatment plan, which caters for the level of their oral health and budget. All patients are involved in their care plans through discussion and shared decision-making prior to actual treatment. Our clinic places particular emphasis on trying to preserve the patient’s existing teeth, so that they may enjoy a good quality of life.

We help our patients to achieve good oral health and give them guidance on how to maintain it in the comfort of their own home. By attending your dental exam and visiting the hygienist, this combination will ensure better overall health with many long term cost-saving benefits. The Frederick Dental Clinic in Dublin aims to meet the needs of all patients by providing General Dentistry Care, Emergency Dental Care and Orthodontics. 

How are we different?


We offer Flexible Appointments in the Morning and Evening to fit in with our Patients’ Busy Lifestyles.


Our Same-day Emergency Facility may be accessed from 8.30 am or during your Lunch break. Receiving dental treatment quickly can help to prevent further dental trauma and save on costs.


We provide General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Emergency Dentistry in one City Centre location.

Our Practice

Through the development of our clinic and services, and using the latest innovations in dentistry and cosmetic technology, we are able to meet patient needs comfortably and conveniently. We dedicate ourselves to supporting patients and meeting their individual needs, providing services which include periodontal, restorative, reconstructive and cosmetic treatments.

We therefore invest in expert skills, cutting-edge technology and equipment, including those for sterilisation and pain management.

We adhere to dentistry regulations through compliance with health and safety and infection control standards. Our team follow procedures responsibly to meet hygiene and sterilisation standards. Patients can have peace of mind in what is a safe and comfortable environment at Frederick Dental Clinic in Dublin.


Frederick Dental Clinic

Easily accessed from O’Connell Street with Disc parking on Street, we are based on 33 North Frederick Street, Dublin 1.

01 878 6999
33 Frederick Street North,
Dublin 1
D01 Y5T9